Looking Back the Last Months

Connecting the dots is always backward. It makes sense why some things happen in order for us to be ready at a given situation. Okay, enough with the pep talk!

I’ll try to recall my life in the past five months and other significant changes.

As someone who works in digital space, it is relaxing to change the view with a book. I was happy at my own pace that I finished three books last April. It may not be much as these books are in a pocketful size.

If you are looking for a “legit” or close to an authentic Japanese restaurant in town, The Pantry Modern Japanese speaks volume. And I think my shots aren’t dark enough to pass as a genZ content creator.

Visited my husband’s hometown twice within two months. Marriage is a lifetime of learning about your partner and yourself. The food I didn’t ate in the past (at my preference), now I got to enjoy and slowly share my husband’s palate.

For the longest time, learning is fun! I signed up my husband for a workshop training at DTI. Since he just started a business and was hands-on with the production process, DTI allowed us that I could attend the classes as a substitute for him. I gained friends and mutual relationships that will help each other as B2B.

This sparked my fuel to pursue (again) MBA or BS BA in the future? Let us see!

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