Lauterbrunnen | Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Village

Started our day rushing to the station again. We chose Zurich as our main base, with it as the most accessible across the country (and cross country). Question: Isn’t it expensive in Zurich? It is more expensive in Bern, the capital city. But to be honest, anywhere in the country, is freaking expensive!!! So I get your point, our hearts and eyes cry with the expenses 😭😢 An ample time of 30mins will do (to buy breakfast) and be on alert in case of a sudden change of platform number. Always check the SBB app real time.

Since I wasn’t aware that we would stop at Spiez to change stations (didn’t read the whole ticket 🤦🏻‍♀️) We felt stuck, checked Google Maps realizing it was literally “transferring” across the platform without exerting effort. Our ticket is scheduled and we should have been already at Interlaken.

Such a relief, the tickets weren’t checked (I don’t suggest this). If one is left with the scheduled train, you have to repurchase a new one. From Spiez to Interlaken is a 21-minute ride.

Took our lunch at the COOP restaurant, similar to IKEA but in buffet style, paid 35 CHF for two adults. We judge the food by appearance as the label doesn’t have an English translation. Don’t be fooled by the pie, it’s unbearable to eat. There is a play area for the kids to settle in.

Strolled around the neighborhood (less than an hour), found Interlaken Catholic Church and Japanese Garden Interlaken (unplanned).

Going up and colder later

At 1:30PM, from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen (20-minute ride) costs 7.6 CHF each. Now, in its all glory, Lauterbrunnen looks the same in videos but more magical 😭

The Staubbach Falls has less flowing water 😅 compared to the ones we saw on Youtube during summer (I guess we’ll be coming back Inshallah).

Kirche Lauterbrunnen (Church Lauterbrunnen) – we enjoyed the view with my son playing with the fresh snow.

Found a funicular and book for Murren for 22.7 CHF each. It is a past time because our ticket back to Zurich is scheduled at 7:40PM. From cable car to Grutschalp to Murren BLM by tram.

We have more hours to kill, stopped by Migros and asked if there is a coffee shop nearby. Bought our coffee for 7.9 CHF. The attendee is a half Filipina (her mom’s side) but her look is foreign .

I asked the SBB ticket officer about our tickets, he explained our tickets have multiple stops. Good thing we were the only ones back to Interlaken. From Interlake to platform 3, then Spiez, then Bern, then to Zurich. If you are wearing heels with a ticket that has multiple stops, expect that you will be panting the whole time.

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