EXPO 2020 Experience

EXPO 2020 is one of the biggest event in the world participated by 192 countries. It is a futuristic project of the UAE wherein years before launching, everyone is expectant of what’s to come.

I am going to be honest, if it isn’t for my mother, I wouldn’t visit Expo.

Where To Buy Tickets
Obviously, I didn’t joined the fad the first few months it was open where the weather is humid. The tickets were not-so-modest for a 95 AED day pass (whilst you cannot WALK the whole area in a day unless you rent a buggy car). Etihad and Emirates are also giving complimentary one-day pass to passengers arriving in the UAE (applicable if the home country isn’t UAE). Thanks to AirArabia for 50% discount for the Season Pass Finale, spent 25 AED ticket valid until the end of EXPO. It is funny when the tickets were sold for 10 AED in a day, people were furious especially the ones who bought the 400+ AED Season Pass.

There is an available Buy 1 Get 1 voucher on Etisalat Smiles for 3 AED or 375 PTS, which makes 26.5 AED for the season pass ticket.

Where To Park
There are several ways to arrive in EXPO. The easiest is by Metro arriving closest to the Al Wasl Dome. Expo Riders (bus) which is FREE of charge. For private transportation, some said Opportunity District has the easier route back to Abu Dhabi, but it is not always the case as it will totally depend on parking/traffic people, we were re-routed to the World Parking. An alternative would be Mobility District which is accesible coming from Abu Dhabi.

Food is expensive at any entertainment parks. Talabat Kitchen has the most diverse food selection. Download the Talabat app and order ahead to have instant access to the line. Talabat also delivers at the nearest area points. But one can bring as much drinks and snacks beforehand.

Health & Safety Measurements
Several pavilions were closed due to the rise of cases at the peak of December to January. I have been always cautious whenever I am in Dubai. We met someone where she had her last PCR 156 days ago (like oppsss! 🙈). Abu Dhabi is still better, Al Hosn is constantly checked and PCR tests is regular (every 14 days). Unless you purchase the VIP tickets, everyone is compressed and overly populated at the bus (anxiety level on the highest).

If you’re gonna ask why I am avoiding such even if I was able to travel twice this quarter… to be honest, we were safer because we have our own private transfers. Even at the airport, we were meticoulous.

Getting inside the pavilions is next to impossible unless you were able to book a smart queue on the EXPO app. But to avoid, really avoid compressed spaces and safety for the whole family, strolling and sightseeing is enough. I didn’t even bought the passport souvenir 😅

Expecting that it would be crowded in the last days. Anyway, it will be converted into a business area, so it can be revisited in the future.

P.S. this is my personal preference, I’m not refraining you to visit EXPO (at least once in your life you should 😉)

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