I Have No Title For This

January was probably the longest extension of 2021 — adventures, restaurants and a family reunion something to look forward to.

This post is a mix of photo dump and random/highlight things for the past month. It is such an answered prayer that an old employer reached out (re-hired) and gave training to learn new skills (Google Ads). My son will be “officially” enrolling in an online class. School hunting was never easy with countless inquiries and self-doubt as a parent. Nursery fees isn’t a joke especially if enrolled in the UAE. Every parent wants the best for their child and it is a delight that my son shows interest in learning. After careful deliberation, enrolling in the Philippines is the best set-up for now.

Back to the sponsored restos, we celebrated Orthodox Christmas last January 6th at Mariott Al Forsan. It was still at the confusing transition of weekends — is it Saturday/Sunday brunches? (also why is the PH Embassy is getting all the advantages 🙈)

Despite of three accounts (can you believe one was asking for me to pay it first? 🤮) that isn’t delivering what they are promising of GA prizes, Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel was patient and accommodated us even if it was rescheduled twice.

The downside with “unlimited” food restaurants is their service. Brought mom at Super Bowl (our second time to visit), it seems they are delaying the serving time to make the customers lose their appetite. On the other hand, if you ordered too much with many leftovers, you will be charged per piece 🤷🏻 The same strategy with Sushi Nations, to think that the quality is like at Carrefour OTC sushi 😛 (NEVER coming back 🤮)

Now to regain our Kimuraya experience, we went to the Creekside branch and man, their service was the same — food will be served over 15 minutes (better to order EVERYTHING in one seating), updated more than 10x that some of the order didn’t arrive — the only deal breaker was the waitress’ sympathy as she tried her best to give everything we ordered (still a 50-50 for me).

UAE may be glamorous but it has unlimited tourist spots with free entry:

As I am writing this, we’ll be flying tomorrow to… you’ll know later.

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