Basel (Mis)Adventure

It was raining and rushed to our scheduled train to Basel. Our breakfast was two sandwiches and strawberry muesli for 22 CHF in total.

The train from Zurich HB to Basel SBB is an hour and 12 minutes of travel time, costs 20.6 CHF per adult (supersaver ticket). We came prepared with our umbrella and stroller raincover.

Our first stop is the Dreiländereck. It is technically three countries in one area (France, Germany and Switzerland). On the platform J (outside the SBB), took the 8 Weil am Rhein, 14 stops to Kleinhüningen that costs 3.8 CHF per adult. From Kleinhüningen we have to walk all the way to Dreiländereck. Google Maps can be sometimes tricky, the 1.2km feels like ages especially with the rainy weather.


Felt so close yet so far with the two countries on sight. The plan is to cross Germany then France on the same day. However, the weather didn’t permit us to do so.


Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. As it is my first time visiting a European country, I have no reference to a country similar to it. The Rathaus is the Basel Town Hall where the food market (Stadtmarkt) and resto is centrally located.

Purchased tickets to our next destination, Bottmingen Castle for 3.8 CHF per adult (10 stops). The husband informed me to prep as the tram is approaching. Hastily entered the upcoming tram while he’s pushing the stroller. I was expecting we’ll meet halfway, when I reached the end, the doors closed. Pushed the button to open but it was no use. I stopped at the next station, Barfüsserplatz and expected my family rode the next tram (however the tickets are with me). The data connection is on my phone and it’s 3% already. Such timing.

Backstory: My husband advised to charge my phone (powerbank) while it was 15% but I delayed since we were together. Wives submit to your own husband! (and listen) 😭


My mind didn’t have a proper judgment on how to deal with the situation. I had assumed they went to the destination or I may have missed the sight of them passing through. Decided to wait for them at Basel SBB with a ticket price of 1.8 CHF (3 stops).

I waited for almost two hours at the central station. I don’t want to buy a power bank that costs 19 CHF (they don’t have a charging station). In the first hour, it popped in my head to buy at COOP so my husband will receive an SMS notification. Had thoughts to report to the police while mustering up courage and words to say. Instead went to the SBB office and asked the platforms back to Zurich in the 5-6PM (our ticket was 7:43 PM 😅). Even borrowing a powerbank from the youngsters isn’t possible as mostly are iPhone users 🙄

Patiently waiting for another 15-20 minutes, then finally saw them. I wanted to kiss my husband with a french kiss (as they normally do). But nah it was too crowded 😂 We were relieved while explaining the struggles on both sides.

Took our dinner at COOP while waiting for our train back to Zurich.

That was our Basel adventure!

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