Sweet Day in Montreux and Lausanne

Probably our fastest breakfast ever! Availed the ibis hotel’s breakfast for 13 CHF per adult (kids are free). The basic continental breakfast to expect like: cereals, eggs, cheese, fruits, coffee, fresh juice and sausages.

We arrived at Geneva Airport 30 minutes before our trip to Montreux. By 8:55 AM (departs 9:01 AM) we went to the platform, was puzzled as the train should be already waiting. Checked on SBB app, confused why it is written on platform 1 instead of platform 3. After a few seconds, an announcement was made that the train to Montreux was changed to platform 1.

With the adrenaline rush, I was able to carry the stroller to the escalator even if I have difficulties with it, every time. Both my husband and son went first. How difficult it is for people with more luggage at hand. The five minutes wasn’t enough time to change platforms if you are using the lift to transfer 😱

Still, the train departed at the exact time.

Explored the Les Jardins Du Palace with sculptures of Jazz Artists (which I don’t know any one of) 😅 The serene view of the Geneva Lake and Swiss mountains makes me forget that I wanted to pee 😅 In the promenade is where the Montreux Noel is located. I had a hard time finding a decent WC, isn’t typically available anywhere unlike in UAE 😪 Took the next 10-15 mins until I found Cite Center (whew! free and clean 🙂)

Tried Cheese Fondue at Le Metropole for 24 CHF per adult (min. of 2). Cheese Fondue is a mix of Gruyère and Emmentaler cheese (some regions include Appenzeller). The average price of cheese fondue costs per person is 30 CHF. Unbelievably, it is expensive as you will get full easily. Even if it is cheaper by the amount, opted for the most basic food to dip which is bread.

Such a bummer we didn’t have the chance to visit Chillon Castle because there was no ticket machine at the bus stop (near the resto). Went to Coop Pronto (near the Montreux Station) bought drinks then train tickets to Lausanne at the station for 16 CHF (for 2).


After thirty-two minutes by train, we are in Lausanne. First stop, Saint-François Church. What we thought was snow is a hail that painfully striked our bodies.

The cold weather is making me pee again. There was a public toilet near the church with contactless payment for 1 CHF. But it was one of the filthiest WC I went (like in the PH bus terminals, sorry if this is my example) 🤢🤮

Switzerland mini roads are built of cobblestone. In Laussane, there are many uphill paths that will quality test any stroller or luggage (huhu thank you Minu for not giving up on us 😂)

We walked and wandered until found ourselves buying a Victorinox Swiss knife as a souvenir. Purchased the smallest one for 19 CHF with additional engraving that costs 5 CHF. Accidentally broke souvenir miniatures along the Rue Caroline Road (forgot the name), instead bought a St Bernard dog bag for Eleaz.

Lausanne Cathedral

After the Bessières Bridge, since it’s downhill it was easy to walk from the Rue Mercerie to Eglise Saint-Laurent.

Bought our dinner (fried rice, chicken black bean, orange juice and water) for 25 CHF at Manor. Brazenly ate in the waiting area of Lausanne Station. Damn feels so freaking cold even inside the sheltered place. I’m not sure if I was relieved or not 🥶 When I checked the Meteo Swiss it was zero degrees.

Swiss Bank

The tickets weren’t checked in the trip back and forth to Geneva.

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