Hungry Juan

Hungry Juan opened its doors last October 29. When you are feeling homesick or tired of cooking, this is a go-to place even for budget-conscious people.

It isn’t complete without a Pancit (20 AED), a staple in every Filipino household even without an occassion. It has the right flavor, not bland nor too salty (I asked for fewer vegetables) 😉

Next is the Papaitan (30 AED), a hangover solution or just pair it with loads of rice. It comforts me whenever I had a soup of Papaitan as I am reminded of home. Set aside the guilt and satisfy street food cravings: Chicken Isaw, Chicken Tail and Chicken Feet.

The interior is a mix of retro designs and neon lights, an Instagrammable area of the resto. Just look at the bone marrow (30 AED)… oh it’s worth the cholesterol (at least try it once in your life) 🙈 The place has Last Exit vibes, ideal to sit outdoors enjoying the cold winter nights. Chill and chit-chat with your friends while drinking Iced Tea or Milk Tea.

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