Why I Stopped Writing

Blogging is a platform where people rely on relevant information. With the rise of social media, I spend less time thoughtfully absorbing daily experiences.

Aside from important events or helpful tips, food is one of the niches I enjoy writing and exploring. This paved a way for collaborations from restaurants and brand opportunities (skincare & parenting).

The peak years were from Mid 2018 to 2019 (before the pandemic). Reviewing on the Zomato platform is an easy thing but writing a blog has a competitive edge. The investment paid off when I finally reached Top 1 (sometimes 2nd) spot on the Abu Dhabi bloggers. Today, the backlinking process takes a long time to approve and the links were even broken 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh God! How to do this blog thing again?

We stayed in Dubai for one year and four months, where I was temporarily preoccupied with PR events. Blogging took more time with compiling photos and writing longer sentences than on IG captions. People were reading less and less. Months after the pandemic, easy and fast to consume content were preferred like Tiktok and IG Reels.

This is an actual insight from my IG dashboard. Typically shows that the reach is even more than my follower count. Trust me, I am not more of the video consumer, I’d prefer looking at photos. But this is a good strategy to discover accounts in the same category and make new online buddies.

Discoverability is helpful but it makes the content overlook and short lived.

For this reason, this blog is revived and will try to be as consistent 😉 Consistent in filtering blog-worthy posts and helpful precautions for the readers.

Sorry Zomato, I am not writing for you anymore!

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