Spending Eid Al Adha at Ghayathi

Sometimes we do lose sight of the things we are passionate about when we are caught up with mundane life.

Last Eid Al Adha, we want to do something that is memorable for the family. Since it is impossible and daunting to travel with the worldwide pandemic, it is better to stay within the city’s radius. We originally opt for Madinat Zayed location but it is more expensive and fully booked, same with Tilal Liwa Hotel.


Nestled 262 km away from Abu Dhabi city with 2 hours and 30minutes of travel time, twice the Abu Dhabi – Dubai route. Though you wont be seeing skyscrapers instead everything is covered with sand and scorching heat.


It is quite affordable for all the inclusive privileges/amenities at 899 AED (two nights). We got a 20% discount code from Groupon, though we paid another 10% tax charges on site. We stayed in a Premier Room with a mini office, including full board meals.


It ain’t easy to arrive at the destination with detours along the way, so expect there will be less people… but on our last day, many group of families checked in 🤔 The pool timings were bit too late than usual hotels. It’s summer season, and they are only allowing people to swim at 8 AM, which is TOO HOT already. Fifteen minutes is more than enough in the pool as we couldn’t take the heat (but we are wearing sunscreen to protect our bodies).


Shame on me, I don’t eat spicy food. If there is a level of spiciness, I think I could tolerate at the mildest lowest range. Of course, fruits is a staple food for my son and he indulged in rice, biryani rice, I should say. Maybe the Indian cuisine is not more of my palate, so I couldn’t give a justifiable review of their food. But for Arabic salads and food, my taste buds are more exposed to that 😉


Unfortunately, they don’t have lifts which is a hassle for clients to drag and carry their bags. I’m not sure if they have a secret lift, or maybe they are preventing people to enclosed in a space for safety precautions. I could rate this hotel a 3/5, I guess with the affordable rate, the kind of service we got is what paid for 🤷‍♀️

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