Emirates Park Zoo and Resort

Emirates Park Zoo is located at Al Bahia North-Eastern part of Abu Dhabi. It is the home of 1700 animals wherein children and adults will learn, explore and enjoy!

From the safari animals, farm animals and marine creature tickles the curious minds to explore. The peak days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday starts at 4PM.

There are several activities that can be fully appreciated for a child that is atleast three years old. We found great deals at Cobone and chose one (1) ticket with activity while the other one is only entry ticket.

Though I live here in UAE for five years, it is our first time to visit the place. We had no interest in visiting years ago, as I know it will be appreciated more by people who has kids.

My son was ecstatic to see his favorite animal, duck! He fearlessly went near to them saying, “Daaaa daaa daaaa” which means duck.

It is difficult to have a decent photo with a toddler but you have to keep them buckled for documentation purposes. We stayed almost four hours at the zoo; what took us long was we weren’t able to catch up the show and had to wait in queue for the next hour and half.

All over, the experience was fulfilling and delightful for the kid at heart. It is beyond words, how our Creator made all these complex animals.

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