Glamping on Style

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Last 2018, I saw this Instagram post of a Glamping or glamorous camping in the UAE. In my five years of residency, I think I went for camping twice 🤔😂 First was April 2017 stargazing at the Al Ain – Oman border. The breeze was still cold and had a good laugh at my friends who wore shoes that night 😉 October 2018 we went for an off-road with COMPASS, I didn’t even had the slightest idea that I was already pregnant 🤦🏻

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Thanks to RAKBANK, we had the chance to visit this paradise before the announcement of closing public and private beaches. Currently, UAE has taken precautions to fully counterattack the virus from spreading. We stayed in the authentic deluxe tent facing the frontbeach. It has a king size bed in 13m2 with two seats outside that serves as your balcony.

Various activities are available: beach volleyball, badminton, jenga, kite flying, darts, brick games, sea scooter, kayak, pottery crafting, hand embroidery, kalimba open session, karate class, yoga, petting zoo,  bon fire, egg hunting, floating theatre and outdoor spa & sauna.


We let him explore the water, sand, sun and salt. Sunscreen is a must and allowed for babies at least 6 months old.

longbeach (22)I don’t want to do this anymore! 😡😂

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The dinner was oh-kay but with bounteous selection. We had to left early 6 in the morning since the husband has to work. Definitely going back as you get more than what you paid.

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