Snacks for Mums: Franjos Kitchen


Franjos started by two mums, Fran and Jo who had a common interest of baked goodies. Their mission to create natural and nourishing breastfeeding and pregnancy thrived that is now an international brand.

My baby is 10.5 months and I am still breastfeeding. The basics of hydrate, avoid caffeinated drinks and have balanced diet (if you eat meat at least have vegetables on the side). When I was starting to build my stash (milk supply), lactation cookies is an booster but some of it were too sweet.

Franjos packaging is as captivating as its products. Photos are in the order of: Fennel & Fenugreek Tanker Toppers, Choc Chip Tanker Toppers, Date, Walnut & Maple Crunchy Muesli and Ginger & Apricot Biscuits.

Let’s face it, breastfeeding was never easy. As a first time mom, take it from me, it is worth all the pain, struggle and to see your baby growing healthy with your knit bond. Franjo’s experienced all the highs and lows, and true to the mission, the products contains only the good stuff (free from dairy and eggs).


Also, they have biscuits for the little ones. Can’t wait for Eleaz to try when he turns 1!

Franjos Kitchen ME
Instagram: @franjoskitchenme
Marina Plaza
Dubai Marina, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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