Eleaz’s Baby Books #WorldBookDay

Exposing the early years to books isn’t a punishment nor an as-if chore of a parent. Books help the development of speech, vocabulary, comprehension, retention and creative imagination. I’ve compiled the books Eleaz used (board books) that is significant to his age.

Sensory Book
The classic That’s Not series is raved by most mother vlogs. It’s a love-hate choice since I was expecting too much of the series but if you could get one through garage sale that would be better since Usborne retails at whooping £6.99 💸
The Kipper’s series has a bigger page with big fonts for toddlers to appreciate, bought it at a charity fair for 5 AED each.

books (4)

Mirror Book
In Montessori method, mirrors help babies focus and promotes movement. It is also convenient to have a portable mirror where your baby can read a book at the same time.


Flap/Slide Book
Flap books teaches babies hand-eye coordination that makes reading interactive and interesting. I remember introducing Eleaz to a flap book last January and he immediately got the concept of flipping with an element of surprise. We’ll never know our babies abilities until we expose them to…  

Gifted & 5 AED

Counting Book
Though he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the context of numbers. One Ted is also a bed-time story while the Spot Counts is a portable book with two-line description.

books (8)10 AED & 4 AED

High Contrast Illustration
During the first three months, babies can only see black and white colors that helps them to focus. You can make a DIY illustration with a white cardboard drawn with black marker of patterns and designs. Check out also Baby’s Very First Black & White Library, a set of books with Animals, Babies, Faces and Going Out.

books (10)5 AED

Rhyme Book
Singing to a baby helps their exposure to language and gives that emotional support.

books (9)7 AED

We are following the Montessori method, as much as we can we are avoiding battery-operated books though it’s tempting to have one.

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