Beauty Facial… Gone Wrong?

I won a “Premium” Facial from an Instagram giveaway.

facial (1)

The facial procedure was last 19th of February. Since I don’t have any preference which facial category to choose, I let the therapist decide for me. She did Deep Cleansing facial that will take an hour.

Everything went well and was about to relax… then the cringing electric sound of the ultrasound device (as she said) makes me anxious. I was uneasy and asked her to stop and skip the procedure. She insisted that it was her work to do (there was no money lost because it is a giveaway 🤨) and jokingly made fun of me of how I was able to bear a child (such an insensitive joke esp for the ones who haven’t experienced it yet).  She sensed that I am furious and eventually stopped that part. I had deep pore facials in the Philippines like this procedure, but her attitude and insensitivity is the worst!

When the facial was about to finish, she sealed it off with a moisturizer. But I could feel this tingling and itchy sensation. Out of nowhere the therapist pointed out that maybe I was bitten by a mosquito 🤦🏻 Their facial is not applicable for sensitive skin  😧

facial (4)

The receptionist assured that my skin’s reaction is normal and will go away (still itchy the next day 😣) She asked me for a Google Review, I courteoulsy answered if she will insist I will give a 1 star rating for their employee’s doing 😡

This is in Downtown Dubai 😜

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