Cavalli Club


Never did I imagine, we would set foot to the #1 club in the MENA region while ranking #2 in the world. Thanks to Surkus for our Post Valentines treat.


Starters on Pyramid (Mozarella with Cherry Tomato, Quinoa Salad, Chicken Teriyaki, Prawns Tempura with Peanut Mayonnaise, Beef Carpacio, Tuna Tartare, Truffle Croquettes, Spicy Tuna Maki, Vegetarian Sushi)


Eleaz is a breastfeed baby and recently he rejects pumped milk, so he will always be with me wherever I go 😅

For the gents there is a complimentary 3 house beverages while it is unlimited for the ladies. Our mains are Chicken Milanese with Rocket Leaves Parmesan Shave and Tomatoes Concasse and Seabass with Spring Onion Puree and Zucchini.

Fascinating wholesome entertainment for us to chill and enjoy the show. Only enjoyed non-alcoholic drinks because of nursing (had 3 mojitos 😂)

If you may have asked, is it allowed for babies to enter the club? Well…. I asked them before confirming the reservation, they are fine with it but warned us with the whole smoking area. It is allowed to have minor (accompanied by adult) as long as they have to leave before midnight. The club starts at 11PM, when we noticed everyone was smoke belching we left the place past 10PM.


To think that it was a smoking area, the people around us are considerate of not smoking while our bar baby was enjoying the entertainment and lights.

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