From Mix Feeding To PURE Breast Milk

This is my fair share as a first time mother and my determination to feed what is best to my baby.

Back to my birth story, people have been asking me questions HOW and WHY I started as mix feed. To sum up, before I purely breastfeed Eleaz, I did my research and tried to do everything to increase my milk supply. Here’s a few tips how:

Be confident. It may sound as no-brainer but this affects your hormones. When your sad, the production of milk decreases and the baby’s mood will also be affected.

Hydrate. If you are disposing liquid, one must intake as much as liquid. My doctor always reminded me to take lots of liquid whether it is cold or hot. Lactation products helps in some way but nothing is as helpful as water hydration.

Invest in a hospital-grade breast pump.  Please, please prepare yourself (finances) for this one because it will be worth the investment. Pumping helps you to build supply and a tool for you to donate milk.

Practice, practice, practice. Just like Calculus, the only way to excel or master a subject is practice. It takes sacrifice and sleepless nights to build the milk supply. But trust me, building your baby’s immune system (and protected from sicknesses) is enough reason.

If there is any problem anatomically (tongue-tie/lip-tie) or personal preference, as long as baby is fed, it is still the best!


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