Andes Restaurant

andes (7).jpeg

Three weeks ago, I won a giveaway on Instagram. Andes is a South American cuisine established less than a year ago. A fine dining that as a couple we experienced for the first time. We ate at fancy (hotel) restaurants (for free) but a fine dining is a different setting. The privacy you get and the luxury to take time is beyond words.

andes (10)
Octopus Ceviche, a Taste of Dubai 2019 entry

Grilled Chicken Fillet and New York Strip Steak

And for the dessert, Chocolate Lava Cake

We didn’t notice we spent two hours at the restaurant without the feeling of hastiness. The food was served fresh and when we only needed to. If you look at the quantity, you would evaluate that a pint-size cannot satisfy. However, everything was enough and even left us full. It was a spontaneous date night that we enjoyed before our baby boy comes out.

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