Choco Monarch

Less than two months living in Dubai, it makes us really anxious driving along Deira, Al Rigga and Karama area 🤦🏻 Choco Monarch is located at the 2nd level of Al Ghurair Centre (walking distance from Union station) conveniently positioned near lifts.


Crepe Monarch for 30 AED

Sprinkled with three chocolates — dark, brown and white. This chocolate dish is perfectly complemented with not-so-sweet fruits like strawberry, kiwi and banana. For my husband who doesn’t eat chocolates (sweets triggers his tonsils), he enjoyed devouring this.

French Toast for 35 AED

They have used cinnamon bread as base and you have to hastily eat this because of the ice cream.

Oreo Milk Shake for 25 AED

Dark Mochaccino for 30 AED

Since what we had was already “sweet” the Oreo milk shake is the perfect drink that is “less” sweet than others. The Dark Mochaccino tastes like tablea, Filipino hot chocolate drink. Absolute place to bond with friends and share the sweetness of life.

The blogger is invited in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation is provided.

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