Basic Skincare For Pregnant Woman

Hello there! It’s been months since my last post and now I’m almost at the end of my second trimester. Hormones were acting crazy during my first four months. Dreadful, endless vomits and without the urge to eat ANYTHING! When I first discovered I was pregnant, I immediately stopped sheet masking. Sheet masking is an easy, wait and throw skincare routine but most of its ingredients contains alcohol, parabens, silicones, and other must avoid ingredients to prevent the development of any abnormalities.

  • Go for 100% natural/organic products
    We all heard of Cetaphil and Palmer’s, if you have done your research properly though they claim to be the best product for pregnant and addressing allergies there are cons with their ingredients. Human Nature is one of my favorite organic brands with diverse products. One thing I noticed with supermarket products put organics, natural or botanicals on their label, but it is NOT 100% natural.
  • Cleanse, Tone and SPF
    Being pregnant makes you want to slack all the time. These three steps is the least you could do to maintain that glowing skin. Some will have their hormones act up, but it isn’t an excuse to leave as it is. If you are feeling extra, adding a moisturizer and eye cream would do a great job.
  • Avoid sweet, salty and oily foods
    When I look back, it was an advantage for me not to recklessly crave for food. Whenever I ate too much or finish a chocolate bar, I always end up throwing all of it in a bowl. Salty and oily foods triggers acne on the skin especially allergens. Try to eat fruits and if possible make juices out of vegetables for easier consumption. I watched my weight meticulously and thank God that I have a normal sugar and haven’t had edema at all.

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