Tbilisi Day 1

I lost track of time while sleeping uneasily with my feet shivering. As we arrived at the airport, I had to pee. Unpleasant smell of urine and looks like the place wasn’t given a budget for an air freshener. After converting dollars to lari, an inviting sign of free sim caught our attention. I felt there was a catch, maybe it’s a “buy the package with a free sim”. My husband clearly stated we are going to get two and avail the package for the other one. In the end we paid for two even if the lady kept on nodding at our high expectation of her English skills. Google Maps indicated it will cost 11-18 GEL from the airport to our guest house. However, in the tourist information taxis cost 30-50 GEL depending on the traffic. The desk was helpful that we have to shell out 1 GEL for two for the bus ride (bus 37). Even the taxi driver smirked at us when we turned down his offer saying we will take the local transportation. When we reached Avlabari, another 1 GEL for two after three stops to our destination, Marjanishvili. The subway was creepy, dark and had a foul odor. We cannot see a sight of Filipinos and locals are staring at us.

We arrived at the creepy entrance of our guest house almost two in the afternoon. From Abu Dhabi to Sharjah Airport we rode the coach service of Air Arabia where they charge 40 AED. It would be impractical to took a taxi 175 km away. Technically, I had 3-4 hours sleep during the whole travel.

Humongous hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts costs 6 GEL ended up in the bowl with my morning sickness at almost the end of my first trimester.

Georgia welcomed me with a smoke, everywhere!

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