How To Get Free Skincare Products

When I first started reviewing skincare products, I never imagined I could get free stuff. As a housewife, it is impractical to ask for money just to try out different products. Despite the continuous product posts, I am proud to say I have minimal spending (frugal alert!) 🤭 I’ve been noticing “patterns” which I would gladly share with you:

  • Create a separate account on Instagram

This is the trend to the micro-influencers or passionate people. If you’re like me, I am lazy on creating one and “announcing” to everybody to follow me on my other account blah blah. If people are starting to unfollow you on your personal account due to your posts, let them be. You are creating something for yourself not theirs. One thing, please, make your account PUBLIC.

  • Follow like-minded people

Surround yourself within your niche. Watch their stories, read reviews thoroughly and build a relationship with them. Through this, they would help and give you new ideas.

  • Join giveaways

This is where I first started. Be persistent and don’t give up. This is by chance and engagement. Following the right hashtag will give you higher chances to scan through giveaways some of your friends missed. Again, don’t forget to open your account publicly.




  • Join Korean Website Events

Part of Korean websites’ marketing is giving different products to random reviewers.  Sign-up at Stylekorean and Jolse, one of the most common website that posts regularly.




  • Join local events/giveaways

One of the most accessible ways without spending local post tax package is to attend events locally. Newly launched products are marketed at malls and through social media.


  • Pitch yourself

After establishing your blog and reviews, time will tell you can do pitches to brands. Don’t be desperate and greedy. The brands will see through it. I tried this, some were unresponsive and some were appreciative. I had three brands that sent products through this technique.

Additional tip: Do a friend mail. This may not be COMPLETELY FREE but this is where you get to try different products you haven’t imagine. To have it at a “fair” trade, you can set a standard like “10 sheetmasks, 5 skincare products, 3 make-up products”

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