Spoon & Glaze


Eating desserts on a pot? Things you didn’t imagine but possible with Spoon and Glaze. In a vast selection in food industry, this one stand out and believes in sustainability.

I love their concept of bringing the scenery of colorful flowers in a busy city like Dubai.

(L-R) Lemon Mint for 34 AED; Om Ali for 73 AED;
Sand Cake for 44 AED; Earth Cake for 44 AED;

I find the Earth Cake bit too sweet while the Sand Cake is the perfect one. Not too sweet but the caramel glides smoothly in your throat.


This Om Ali/Umm Ali is enough for 2-3 persons. Contrary to the traditional way, you can control the amount of milk in the food.

Mud Cake for 44 AED

Before you leave, Spoon and Glaze will be giving free pots, soil and seed for you to grow your own plant. A fun experience to dine knowing you are helping Mother Earth.

The blogger is invited in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation is provided.

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