Oasis of Summer: Tilal Liwa Hotel


Tilal Liwa Hotel is one of the many properties of Danat Hotels and Resorts. Two weeks before our booking date, I caught the surprise the husband made 😂 Approximately 150 km away from Mussafah with an average of 100 minutes driving time.


We arrived 40 minutes after two and placed in the Al Sahab Room, a twin sized bed with balcony facing the pool. Various essentials are available: organic toiletries, mini bar, shower, bathtub and two separate bowls.

I thought the minis were “free” or as a complimentary. I ripped a chips that costs 45 AED, which I don’t usually eat 🤦🏻 It is vexatious for a hotel to have a loud hallway. The way they designed the doors echoes even the insides of my eardrums (no kidding).



Hoping to visit this place again, I need more time to appreciate the place! 😅

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinions and expenses are on my own.

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