Madang Korean


Madang is a Korean word that means space or place for celebration or fellowship. After having a good time doing golf, the nearby famous Madang Korean is a great place to chill. Side dishes are served while waiting of your order (even this is overwhelming 😂) The atmosphere is like a traditional Korean house touched with modern Korean pop videos.

The generous and prime cuts of Korean beef short rib, regular beef short rib, rib eye, tenderloin, brisket and LA galbi. The one that stood out of my buds is the LA galbi.

This is the marinated version, it was a good decision that we first took the original flavor. The marinated beef reminds me of chorizo and this will easily get you stuffed.


Never tried a Korean restaurant that serves this generously 😭 The staff will demonstrate how to eat the traditional Korean way and there is an easy push button for your requests.


Kim Bab for 30 AED

The reason I got Kimbab is that it reminds me of Maki, only the healthier side and without soy sauce.


Shirley Temple, Mojito, Fruit Punch for 30 AED/each

We also ordered Mango Soju (70 AED) which I didn’t expect that is served in a big container. Again, I have to remind you that this restaurant serves generously (OMG my stomach is screaming 🤣)

Madang Bingsu for 40 AED

Good heavens for this dessert! I didn’t expect how smooth this is to the mouth and doesn’t even cause a brain freeze! The shaved ice is already full of flavor and mixed with fresh mango and puree. The mango bingsu is perfect for elders since I think the chocolate would be too sweet.

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