Smoking Doll

We bought a Smoking Doll voucher from Groupon. The deal was a steal! If it wasn’t for the voucher, eating at this place costs an arm and leg. They served the dynamic duo cuisine, Thai and Japanese food. But everyone knows I am here for the Japanese food 🤭

Gyow Nam for 34 AED

Pad See Ew for 48 AED

The Gyow Nam is far from the traditional Chinese dumpling. I had an “eww” taste of the Pad See Ew, I think because it is because of the noodles and coriander (maybe not used to the taste😅).

BBQ Eel for 42 AED

Salmon Tataki for 42 AED

Smoking Roll for 51 AED

Spicy Tuna (minus the spice) for 36 AED

Smoking Doll is the bomb and makes you want to eat more. We enjoyed our food that we had to add another maki, the Spicy Tuna. The person sitting next to us had countless refill of maki until we had noticed that there is a promotion of Unlimited Maki 🤤




I recently knew the name of this one, popping boba. It tastes like lychee and reminds me of the pop rocks when I was a child. This sumptuous dinner left us wondering when we’ll have another experience like this.

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