Burger 28


It was a spontaneous thought I suggested to my husband to spend our Iftar at Burger 28. For those who doesn’t know, Iftar means the time when Muslims are allowed to eat after the prayer Maghrib (prayer after sunset).


Quite ironic that we live near the store but we weren’t the first ones to try. The ambiance has a futuristic feel with splashing red-black-silver colors.

Dynamite 28 or known as The DB for 39 AED

Dip N Dip Mozarella Sticks for 32 AED

Original28 slider (smaller size) for 20 AED

The husband ordered the regular size Dynamite28, spicy burger. Dip N Dip Mozarella isn’t visible at their wall-size menu but seen on their iPad menu. I felt the regular size is too big for my consumption, so I took the Original28 slider. The service time was around five minutes. Most of their customers are delivery-based. As what my husband said, “the food is delicious, no doubt about it!”. Even though we are not fond of American fast food, compared to the commercial companies this restaurant will surely make your eyes pop.

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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