Applying 10-Year Validity of Philippine Passport in UAE


My first appointment was last December 2017, but a day before the appointment a fever struck me. The next slot available was after two months. It was a blessing in disguise when DFA announced last January that they will start providing a 10-year validity passport. In the past, we are required to renew the passport at least 6 months before expiry. The growing population of Filipinos in UAE (and in the world) with double holidays (since they celebrate both Philippine and UAE holiday) makes the process of documents extended.

The Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi didn’t fail to inform the preparation of passport renewal is now at least 10 months before expiry. That makes 6 months before expiry, 2 months of booking the appointment and another 2 months of processing the documents.

  1. Book the nearest appointment schedule available (with the time at your convenience).
  2. Download the Passport Renewal form or Passport Renew form for Minors.
    Note: Minors (ages 18 and below) are still given a 5-year validity.
  3. Physical appearance is needed and the guard will check your schedule in his copy. He will also give a priority number.
  4. In the information/photocopy area, the person will double check if you fill all the details along with the requirements.
  5. Pay the 240 AED fee at the cashier.
  6.  You will be needed to update or register your COMELEC id.
  7.  Another queue for the passport pictorial which will take hours.

Last February 22, I picked the time at 1.30PM. I saw a CG-mate and she said I will be able to finish at 5 o’ clock. Oh God, she was wrong! I FINISHED AT PAST 6!!!!! After 39 days the passport was available although a friend of mine got his passport after 20 days processsing.

You can check this link if your passport is ready at the embassy.

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