Gypsy Chinese Restaurant

Foodcourt is the cheapest option to dine in all but if you take look close on the price, it isn’t that cheap after all. The quick fix of fried foods that costs 20+ AED for the complete set is a big price to pay if done constantly. Don’t worry anymore there is a cheaper option of 10 AED Value Set Meals.

The fried rice is good enough for three persons to share. I tried this rice for the third time already but yesterday they put more salt than they usually do.

Hakka Noodles for 10 AED

For the price and group sharing, you should include this in your order.

Dynamite Prawns for 10 AED

It is easy to make fried prawns (I know how to do one) but the process takes a long time. The creamy delicious sauce with the freshly fried prawns makes you want more.

Bun for 10 AED

I missed the chance to take a photo of the two buns. The bun is small but reasonable enough for the price. It is soft, chewy and sweet.

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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