Panda Bao Bao


Who doesn’t love Pandas? Even if Pandas have under eye circles we don’t want to earn, their cuteness isn’t limited to Korean beauty products but as a business image. Panda Bao Bao is a small space with six tables which accommodates around 16 persons.

The fresh soya was served after 15 minutes (maybe more than that) and what my friend Liya expected is a cold drink. The delay is a valid excuse because of this adorable cup and a fresh hot healthy drink.

Fresh Lemonade for 16 AED

The fresh lemonade is too expensive for the serving.

Garlic Egg Fried Rice for 24 AED

The fried rice is good for two people ONLY.

Pan-Fried Bao (6 pcs) for 28 AED

Chong Qing Noodle for 28 AED

The noodle tastes average but the sauce and peanuts makes it intriguing.

Steamed Chicken Feet for 24 AED

I remember my first Chicken feet at Mandarin Tea Garden. My aunt introduced me foods which I didn’t get the chance to try since my mom isn’t the explore-thing-type-in-food. I cannot remember when is the last time I had a chicken feet, five years, I think?

Steamed Squid for 28 AED

Soft and instantly cuts into your teeth, this squid is a pleasure.

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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