Natural Kitchen

In the year 2004, Natural Kitchen started from the inspiration of London’s hustle and bustle. Natural Kitchen uses natural ingredients to prepare healthy and delicious food.

DSC00054Seafood Pasta for 49 AED

The perfect blend of tomato sauce and mussels is heavenly! Even with a few spoons back and forth this creeps into your stomach which makes you full fast.

Salmon Quinoa for 59 AED

I cook and I know the different taste of frozen and fresh foods (and fresh foods that has been frozen for a while). With a soft texture of salmon whilst the quinoa is new for our taste buds. Quinoa is a healthier alternative for rice, it may look small and like bird seeds (as what have my father said) the satisfaction of it doesn’t make you feel guilty even if you ate a bunch.

DSC00065Edamame for 11 AED

I guess edamame is always included if it’s in a menu 😁 Even without salt, the flavor stays and bland is far from it.

DSC00075Shrimps Tempura for 24 AED

The crumbs is a bit hard and firm which may form during delivery.

Dynamite Chicken for 24 AED

The thin slices of chicken breast in spicy flavor is bearable for my taste, added with their sauce makes the flavor complement.

DSC00115(L-R) Forever Young, Iron Man, Celebrity Skin
Organic Wheatgrass and Avocado for 23 AED/each

To complete any food, the drinks must be served (or even first). The Forever Young has a strong peanut butter taste where my taste buds is trying to cope up. Iron Man has more orange of it though the color is green. If we go for natural, then one should pick organic. The Organic Wheatgrass and Avocado undeniably poured out wheatgrass. Natural Kitchen also offers authentic thin crust pizzas, mexican burritos and tacos, vegetable soups and desserts.

Healthy food delivery that arrives on the dot, what a handful service! 💚

Website: Natural Kitchen
Instagram: Natural Kitchen
Facebook: Natural Kitchen

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