Layali Al Sham

Two weeks ago, we ate at an Arabic cuisine in the neighborhood. Literally in the neighborhood, since it will take 5 minutes by walk.

We were served with olives and pickles, hummus, soup and pita bread (for starters). It took 20 minutes when the Mixed Grill was served. If you’ll carefully watch the video, there is a food that the host took from us because the order wasn’t for us (actually he just took it immediately 🙄).

Layali Al Sham Mix for 35 AED

Lemon with Mint for 12 AED

Avocado for 14 AED

The avocado shake tastes average. I can recommend a different store with the best avocado shake I tasted in Mussafah. Take a budget of around 70 AED with an unlimited refill of bread and garlic paste (by request), Arabic dish isn’t expensive at all. 🤔

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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