Sushi Deli Restaurant


Sushi Deli recently launched last November 2017 wherein it was first a pancake house two years ago.  They hosted a Mother’s Day competition where luckily, I was chosen one of the three winners.

The restaurant can accommodate around 8-10 people. Quite a small space but they are hit for takeout orders.

Taking a photo while waiting for the food

The food covered consists of starters, noodles, sushi, desserts and drinks.

Salted Edamame for 15 AED

I think they poured too much salt since I’m not into salty foods (taste buds is more of no taste 🤦🏻‍♀️).

Shrimp Yaki Gyoza for 25 AED

By far the softest gyoza I ever tasted. Though this one came late because it was freshly prepared.


Red Dragon (Salmon, red masago, avocado, special sauce) for 45 AED

Deli Dragon (Crab, masago, avocado, two special sauces) for 45 AED

Both of the makis are their bestseller, but if I have to choose I like the Deli Dragon better. The Red Dragon also tastes good, of course!

Mix Shanghai Noodles for 38 AED

The husband is the one who devoured this one. I had to save space for the dessert and I was the one who ate more of the gyoza.


Lemon Mojito and Strawberry Mojito for 15 AED/each

These drink glasses serve almost double than other Japanese restaurants. Even if I drink in the later part, the mojito maintains the same taste.

Mochi Ice Cream for 25 AED/3 pieces

All of them are delicious! Not too sweet but with a soft ice cream inside. Please do visit the restaurant, they serve generously at an affordable price. You will not regret it!

Note: All prices are exclusive of 5% tax.

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