Right next to Adventure HQ Dalma Mall is a hidden Japanese restaurant, Yamasaki. They can accommodate around 8-10 tables. We had a hard time choosing the food since the menu lack photos. I believe for every restaurant, one should invest in food photography (especially sushi).

DSCF8320Crab and Cucumber Salad for 35 AED

To start with, the crab and cucumber salad is only good for one person (even though they said it is sufficient for two people). They made the plate big with a serving enough for one person to be full.

(L-R) Strawberry Mojito and Raspberry Mojito for 19 AED/each

Sushi Trio for 65 AED (Crab Evolution, Smokey Y Tempura, Tokyo Tempura)

Compared to other sushi stores, this 12 pcs Maki is pricey than the average. On the other hand, this one gives you the freedom to choose your own combination (you have to select the ones with expensive prices 🤭).


DSCF8429Mixed Fried Rice for 32 AED

Even if we’re in a Japanese restaurant, both of them are craving for Filipino food 🤦🏻‍♀️. They were satisfied with the fried rice that they added another serving 😮

DSCF8503Maguro Tuna for 38 AED

I overheard (we sat next to the bar) the chef mistakenly made a generous amount of tuna sashimi. Thanks to you, my husband and father were full (and now you’re included on my blog)! 😀

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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