Now back to food-related posts…

Pamapangeños is a Filipino buffet restaurant. Accessibly located at Al Wahda Extension which is favorable for those who came from Dubai. Or lazy enough to find Filipino restaurants outside the mall.

Kapampangan is known for their cooking skills. I had a housemate who used to cook so well, that was my training ground since he took pity on my past shameable cooking skill (we all start at the bottom) 😛 Whenever I got acquainted with Kapampangan, my conversation starts with their cooking skill.


Pampangeños change their buffet options everyday (unlike other restaurants)  at an economical price of 35 AED (that includes drinks). Thanks to Michelle for treating both me and my husband (before her Paris trip last January).

Fried Rice

Pancit Malabon

Beef Stew


Chicken Teriyaki

Basically, they have every dish to offer. What I like about the place is the cleanliness and privacy (stores located at the extension is like a haven to me). This isn’t my first time, I have visited the place around five-six times already.  You’ve got to try the Pancit Malabon, I couldn’t help but refill multiple times.

Website: Pampangeños

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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