I first tried Munchbox when I went to the Gulfood 2018 exhibition at Dubai World Trade Center. The products are specifically made for those who are on-the-go, after-gym sessions and those who want to eat sweets without the guilt feeling. I was enticed how affordable the prices are.


After a day, my order arrived at the doorstep. How fast was that considering I live in the remote area of Abu Dhabi. There is a shipping delivery of 10 AED, wherein you should get the COD mode which is still at the same price.

Chocolaty Box for 37 AED

This box SHOULD include Chocalmonds, Choco-Figgy-Walnuts, Choc’n Roll and Monkey Munch but all they gave was Chocalmonds. I segregated all products that have chocolate ingredients down below.

DSCF75162 pcs Chocoalmonds, 1 Box (4 miniboxes) Chocoalmonds, 1 pc Coffee Chocolate, 3 pcs Cinnamon & Vanilla, 1 pc Chiachoco

3 pcs Wasaaa… Corn!, 2 pcs Nutty Professor, 2 pcs Open Sesame, 2 pcs Coconut Energy Balls, 1 pc Peanut Butter, 1 pc Cranberries & Oats, 1 pc Coconut Protein Pebbles

The Variety Box I ordered consists of Chocalmonds, Fire Up the Barbie, Magic Mango and Wasaaa… Corn! For the price I paid and the expectation of the products,  I think they delivered me the OTHER Variety Box which costs 99 AED. During my first try, the Coffee Chocolate was my favorite. I cannot wait to try the others (and maybe I will love the other flavors too!).

Website: Munchbox

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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