Lifestyle Haul VDay Edition


I was supposed to hunt for beauty products in Sephora but I was disappointed with the limited products at Abu Dhabi Mall (Dubai Mall is the best Sephora branch EVAAAAA!). Hopped in Lifestyle where they have great values of cosmetics. I was convinced to buy a blush (I don’t really use one) until I returned the product since it has DIMETHICONE. DIMETHICONE is plainly a silicone oil. This oil often used in conditioners that give shine to our hair. Also, the same cause that damages our hair. I approached this Kabayan lady for a tissue to clean my stained hands. She put on some attitude putting down the brand I bought instead of the blush I returned. 🙄 Ms D of Gosh Arabia representative at Al Wahda Mall, it’s discouraging that you reacted that way. I believe one should be informed SCIENTIFICALLY with all the products especially the ones we put into our skin (check the label). I’m writing this to inform everyone the danger of the DIMETHICONE especially those with sensitive skin.

Here are the following products in detail:


Oh K! Cooling Eye Pads – I choose this to save from buying eye sheets (for the meantime). Reusable eye pads to be put in a fridge overnight or 1-2 hours.
Price: 13.5 AED

Palladio Concealer (Medium) – Anything related to organic ingredients will catch my attention. Enriched with vitamins to reduce puffiness, eliminates toxins in the eyes and masks other skin flaws. This yellow concealer is suited to camouflage blue pigments like dark circles and bruises (perfect for my veined-face).
Price: 42 AED

L’oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit – My current eyebrow pencil needs to be replaced after 2-3 years (I had it before I set foot in UAE). I prefer natural eyebrows. A saleslady is itching to do my eyebrow while promoting their eyebrow product. Honestly, I am difficult to please since I have certain criteria/s before I buy a product. The problem with that eyebrow cream gel is it doesn’t have angled-brush. I mean, why do I have to buy I product where I have to buy another brush to complete the set. I found this L’oreal Brow Kit and it is absolutely genius – comes with tweezers, angled-brush and spoolie. Perfect for my need of portability and future travels.
Price: 54.6 AED


Nyx Ombre Lip Duo, Nyx High Voltage – NYX will always be my favorite brand for lipsticks. They have the most creative-unusual-shades. I snatched this at a price of 25 AED each.

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