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What is it like to dine in the “Best Sushi in Abu Dhabi”?


A day before Valentines, I received a message from Sushi Central that I won a 50% voucher. The perfect time of celebrating our engaged-sary. We have four dates to celebrate in a month! Hah! Thankful that they gave in with our request to claim it on the same day.

My heart melted when our table is arranged with rose petals. It was really thoughtful even in the small things! 💕


I preferred the biggest space in Abu Dhabi. The best place is located at Al Aryam Tower, Mina Street while the Khalidiya location is too crowded (and fast-paced).

Minimalistically styled with bamboos, Japanese dolls, Hiragana letters and a peaceful setting. This isn’t like any Japanese restaurants where people will pass along. You will have to make effort to visit the place, it’s like enjoying Japanese food privately (Oh God, I love places like this!). That’s why I think I couldn’t live long in Dubai due to the crowd.

Beef Soba Ramen Soup for 47.25 AED

If you have tasted AUTHENTIC Japanese Ramen especially in Dotonbori, God knows the level of your taste buds is set at the highest notch. Even when we went to Tokyo, there is a distinct taste at Japan’s food district, Osaka. We had a hard time of looking for ramen at Japanese restaurants here in UAE. This was to comply with our longing of ramen.

DSCF6720Duck and Ginger Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) for 29.4 AED

This is close as it could be when I first tasted one at Ibaraki. I prefer to dip this on a soy sauce! My husband became nostalgic when he had this. Definitely a must-try!

DSCF6745Nishio MakiSlim Ebi Garden (since I’m on a strictly no-allergens food we were able to trade this for a Salmon), Uramaki Crunchy Spicy Salmon, Hosomaki Yellowtail & Scallions) for 74.55 AED

I wasn’t impressed much with the Crunch Spicy Salmon (there’s a different store that tastes better compared to this). I started exploring Japanese food with the basic Maki/s, this means I’m a traditional simple Sushi lover. For me, the Tuna tastes better.

Green Tuna California Uramaki for 42 AED

I couldn’t help but add Tuna Uramaki. The color reminded me of my cheat day 😂😶 This healthy perception consists of cucumber, cheese and avocado.

DSCF6657Home Made Lemon With Mint for 12.6 AED

I remembered correctly that I ordered Iced Tea Lemon (the usual Iced Tea). When the drinks are served, I was shocked and repeatedly told my order (sure there was no mint when I first told her). Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise to be watchful on a cheat day/holiday.


What are the qualifications to be the Best Sushi in Abu Dhabi? I think they have ALL kinds of sushi (what other restaurants couldn’t offer). It really took a while before I made up my order.

Sushi Central have many offers like: Teacher and Students Sundays, Low Calorie Business Lunch Monday, Crew Night Tuesday, Ladies Night Wednesday (1st and 3rd week every month), Ramen Night Thursday, Kids Bento Friday (ages 10 and below) and Buy 1 Get 1 Happy Hour Saturday from 12:30-14:30 (2nd and 4th week every month). There is definitely no reason not to check this place with all the great deals.

Note: ALL prices are exclusive of 5% VAT


Website: Sushi Central

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Japanese food but my hubby love it so much especially ramen. We’ll check it out if given opportunity to revisit Abu Dhabi again. Btw, I collect Kimmidoll (Kokeshi Dolls).


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