Acai Express


Almost two years ago, I finally won a competition from Abu Dhabi World (formerly Abu Dhabi Week). I didn’t have the chance to thank them or post it on social media. Since I’m back at reviewing restaurants, it is rightful to market their product.

Acai Express is founded by a Puerto Rican surfer Hector Westerband. Acai (Ah-Sigh-EE) is a reddish-purple berry considered as a superfood. Multiple benefits are found in the acai: promotes weight loss, prevents cancer, regulates blood pressure and others.

Juices, smoothies, milkshakes, green juices and whey protein are one of the Acai Express products. Since we had our dinner we got the green juice and smoothie. The 100 AED voucher was more than enough with their affordable price range. We took some take away with the remaining balance. The food will satisfy the lacking vitamins in your body. Cleaning healthy has never been this tempting.


Location: Yas Mall, Al Wahda Mall

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