Organic Cafe Abu Dhabi

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. We’ve been to several free breakfast hotel buffets and I was disappointed with Aloft Abu Dhabi‘s serving (well that’s another story).

Since we’ll be visiting the Philippines this summer, I finally came to my senses and have to do Balik Alindog program. Simply means, I have to trim down my weight and love handles 😂 I’ve been watching my food intake mainly calorie count with a regular exercise program. Eating now involves keenly selected foods. My loving husband said yes to my plea of trying out this Organic Cafe.

I discovered the place about two years ago after we went to Masdar City (click for video) but missed the chance to check the store. From 9AM-12NN everyday they hold a long breakfast buffet. And what’s more amazing is they absorbed the VAT, the price remains at 39 AED. The buffet includes one free hot drink whether it’s coffee or a hot chocolate.

The food is as colorful as it could be. It relieves my anxious state of eating my heart out. My personal favorite is the sausage (a ‘lil bit chili for my buds) and blueberry granola yogurt (aside from all the greens and fruits).


What a good way to start the #NationalMarriageWeek.

How will you spend time with your spouse this week?

Facebook: Organic Foods and Cafe
Instagram: Organic Foods and Cafe
Location: Level 2, Nation Towers

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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