Al Dhafra Restaurant


If there is a seafood restaurant I would highly recommend for first timers in Abu Dhabi is the fancy and totally relaxing ambiance of Al Dhafra.


The guaranteed fresh seafood is waiting for your selection. Surely your eyes will pop out how humongous some of their seafood which of course costs kaching kaching!

DSCF4913Baked Mussels

DSCF4915Black Tiger Shrimps

Fried Kingfish 

Can you believe that we paid 27 AED for Mussels, 25 AED for Kingfish and 30+ AED each for the Hammour and Squid (not in the photo). Though the shrimp is the most expensive in the menu (uh-oh!). Despite the luxury feeling of the restaurant, sure enough, the price is affordable.


Refreshments are served after eating, we loved it that we had constant refills!


Website: Al Dhafra Restaurants
Location: Mina Port

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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