Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Abu Dhabi


Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a member of the prestigious Dubai Health Experience (DXH), a brand envisioned by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) with the aim of strengthening the position of Dubai on the medical tourism world map. (

Last January 17, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery had an Hi-Tea event at Brightpoint Royal Women’s Hospital Abu Dhabi. I got invited by Esther and they gave us freebies and snacks to settle down. Discounts are offered for on-site bookings.


Dr Gabriel Fernando Bonesana is a Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Honestly, I had a hard time taking a photo with the live demonstration since I have a needle and blood phobia 😭 that’s why I’m torn of bearing a child… or not?! 😂


Dr Gabriel made the treatment smooth with his delicate hands. The result of the Botox is visible after three days. Botox isn’t for beautifying purposes but it is also used for treating Bell’s Palsy. The effect is expected to last up to six months. For patients like me, they have also non-injectable face treatments: Hydration and Rejuvenation. I cannot wait to have an overhaul of my face and it’s gonna be my first time too!


Website: Dubai Cosmetic Surgery
Instagram: Dubai Cosmetic Surgery


  1. Hi Frances, I discover your site via instagram. This is so interesting, I love love to know your experience of the entire procedure and your review, as well. Also, I like your easthetic. Happy blogging! Cheers! xx


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