Ookii Sushi

At the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is where you can find themed food trucks namely, Last Exit. Located at E11 road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai started last July 2016.  It made an easy access coming from Abu Dhabi making an immediate tourist spot and stopover for taking a leak.

Meraas, the developer of the out of the box, futuristic destinations, came up with Mad X which caters Dubai to Abu Dhabi road. Another destination I’d always love to return to is Citywalk.

Dynamite Roll costs 40 AED (inclusive of the 5% VAT). For eight pieces maki roll, it is a standard rate (even without the VAT). The spice will sting for a while (along with the wasabi) but it doesn’t leave you asking for water while eating. Sushi on outdoors because why not?


Website: Ookii Sushi

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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