Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame opened its doors last January 1. I got to know this place on a day before research. Before telling you about the facts, there are two ways how to get there. You can drop either at the red line metro station of ADCB (no. 20) or Al Jafiliya (no.21). Or at the Department of Health bus stop.

From the ADCB Station, there is a man-made bridge with a better view of the whole Dubai Frame.

We arrived at the location past two in the afternoon. I thought there would be “less” people since it’s a working day. I forgot the kids are still on their vacation (classes will resume tomorrow, Jan 7). We spend half an hour in the queue just to buy a ticket. And another 10 minutes queue to the Sky Deck.

Acrophobia or the fear of heights is a common fear to the people. My mother had a I’m-gonna-throw-up-help-me-I-wanna-go-down moment when she saw how tiny the people were from the looking glass. Shift your anxious state into a relaxed one with the food stalls of Yamanote Atelier and Godiva.

Dubai Frame stands 150-m long and 93-m in width. The frame’s rectangular shape is inspired by the golden ratio. The golden ratio is used at photography and the Fibonacci series (oh God, I can still remember my Calculus II).


Mostly, people will overlook the Past Gallery since everyone is in a hurry to the Sky Deck. The Future Gallery is something to look forward too!

I think the fee (50 AED for adults, 20 AED 3-12 yrs old) is a bit expensive for the small space and short-term sightseeing. But it’s a cheaper alternative for the At The Top‘s Burj Khalifa.

Website: Dubai Frame

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