Red Castle Chinese and Korean Restaurant

After roaming around The Galleria, a buffet would be a good solution to our growling stomach.

It took about an hour to settle ourselves. The Chinese owner, Mrs Han (if I heard and spelled it right) is disorganized, doesn’t respond to us nicely and always telling us, Too mats! Too mats”. If it isn’t for a CG-mate who recommended this place, I wouldn’t be here to check out. We reached out to the waitress who is a fellow Kabayan regarding the queue. This language barrier with the owner caused a scene of a Kabayan who reserved a day before and paid 200 AED for reservation. Chinese people are known to be good at handling money and frugality. But what turned out is they’re compromising the business.

Red Castle existed for more than two decades ago. I haven’t heard of this place even if I used to live a block away while I was still in the city. Again, after settling ourselves it took another half an hour for our food to be served. I cannot blame it. The waitress is playing multiple roles: organizing the queue, taking orders and cleaning the mess after the meal. We don’t want to waste any more time, so we just leave according to her recommendation.




Tofu, Black Fungus and Crab balls


Fried rice

Compared to photo their Bibimbap lack bean sprouts and spinach.

The food is delicious and the soup (the dark colored is the chili) will make up for the waiting time. For the first timer, we cannot do anything about the inconvenience. I do not recommend coming back again especially when you are hungry.

Website: Red Castle Chinese and Korean Restaurant

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.

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