Keki Japanese Bakery

Last August when I visited Japan (Osaka), I really really wanted to try Pablo‘s Cheesecake. I got to admit their cheesecakes are worth an arm and a leg. There were unforeseen circumstances before our wedding and a cash card we cannot use. We are forced to adjust with our ¥34,000 budget for 6 days. It’s impossible and impractical to pursue my cravings (talk about self-claimed food blogger problems 😂).

Strolling around Winter Wonderland at The Galleria where food trucks, activities for kids, quaint scenery and plane sightseeing are available for your choice.  Until I saw this Keki truck. Honestly, I’ve been persuading my husband for us to check their store at Bateen area. The location is out of our way and some things are a priority to spend than to visit there. Thank God for the innovation of food trucks! Unfortunately, their Matcha drinks are out of stock! We tried their best seller, the cheesecake original flavor. Judging by the appearance it’s unlikely the same of a typical cheesecake at Starbucks or Bloomsbury.   
The taste of the cheesecake is soft, not too sweet (just a sprinkle of sweetness) and the wiggly form made of measured ingredients to achieve this product. The softness reminds me of the famous Melonpan in Dotonbori. Even an anime character (Shakugan No Shana) is created because of this. Japanese cuisine prides with their details, consistency and of course cleanliness.

Next time, I would likely try their matcha drinks (isn’t matcha all the same?)

Website: Keki Japanese Bakery

This isn’t a paid/sponsored post. All opinion and expenses are on my own.


  1. Tin and I have been wanting to visit them in Bateen – seems you loved it! Is it like our mamons from Goldilocks? Arghhh I want one right now!


    1. Medyo matamis yung mamon sa atin te Marie. Pwede ba sumama sa inyo? Ako ang mag photoshoot ninyo ni ate Tin 🙂


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