Wedding Suppliers That You Should DIY

The wedding industry is worth a billion dollar industry. If people are wise enough, they can cut expenses even if it’s a dream wedding. Always remember that the wedding is your day, not for your parents, friends or acquaintances who happened to be at your big day. I experienced my own frustrations and wise decisions on planning out my wedding. Here’s a list of the suppliers (not in order) that you can do-it-yourself and save bucks which you can invest after your wedding (honeymoon, house, financial portfolio or migrating to another country).

Ring/Coin Box
Woodworks vary from materials used. Some charge at an expensive price because you are not paying for your item but also for the worker’s labor. We got ours made by my father. He is a fan of woodworks and carving on it. If you happen to know someone, negotiate with them according to your needs and budget.

InvitationsThis is probably one of the suppliers I felt I didn’t get what I paid for. Since I am not a creative-into-crafts-person I settled to hire one. I am not saying their service is bad, in fact, they are great! In our digital world, there are websites for RSVP’s which confirms the guest count. If you are a traditional person, like my husband, you can have them printed for the principal and secondary sponsor. The supplier requires a minimum of 50 prints. When I distributed the invitations, we categorized them by family, leaving us around 30+ prints spare. So if you have the time and talent, it’s your time to shine!

Pre-Nuptial ClothesI don’t have anything against couples who dress extravagantly for a prenuptial shoot. In our circumstance, we booked the pre-nuptial shoot a week before our wedding. I don’t know if you can call it pre-nuptial since it took four days to post-process the photos. What time do we have to expose our photos? Our wedding photographer took us to several dressmakers and I have this dilemma with clothes – it’s too tight, too loose, too sexy, too long and too short. I have wide hips, busty features with love handles and stomach belly. When I tried one of the dress’, I wasn’t happy with the sizes and some of it with too hot to wear. Take an evaluation as couple. Deep down we know what we wanted is something simple and candid. We tried to mix and match the clothes we brought from UAE. Wherever the place is, let the photographer do the magic!

WineThe wine ceremony signifies of sharing the sweet and bitter experiences with your spouse. But purchasing an expensive wine (with or without corkage) is already a bitter experience. You can buy a sparkling grape juice or make your own one. No one in your guest will say that your wine is the highlight of your wedding.

Other Minor NeedsThe minute details mean a lot to a wedding. Veil, Cord and Bible are one of the things if MUST you should BORROW. None of these are worth buying at Vera Wang.

What other suppliers do you think a bride can DIY on her wedding?

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