WE: Unplugged Ceremony

As a photographer, I cringe whenever I attend weddings with guests taking out their phones as a “necessity” to take photo or video. When my husband proposed, I told him that I don’t want my wedding to be “common” and “instant” uploaded photos.

Call me meticulous but I cannot trade paying a big amount of money to the photo and video team when guests are standing behind the professional ones. It was a struggle how to inform the guests and their response. But we are happy that all of them complied.


When I saw the photos, it made my heart jump for joy since it looks dreamy and peaceful.





Their reactions are priceless. Now imagine if they had their phones on…


The photographers have enough space and different angles to play on.



What made our wedding memorable was because all their attention is on us. All glory to our God, a promise-keeper, Sovereign and Jehovah Jirah.

P. S. For those who haven’t done this, we aren’t stating we are doing the right thing over the other. The unplugged ceremony is subject to one’s preference.

Photography: CIO Photography
Styling: AOU Projects
Signages: DIY Bride Tribe

If you’re still not convinced check this video:

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I wish people attending weddings realise the same and appreciate the work that photographers/videographers put in.
    Congrats again and best wishes to you both! (again! hehe) xx


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