How To Apply Japan Tourist Visa For Filipinos in UAE


Third world passport holders like us Filipinos, have this dilemma of applying visa entry countries. But as an OFW, we are a bar higher of credibility to the embassies. Let me tell you the basic requirements with tips to have your visa granted.
Take note: This applies for Filipino UAE Residents ONLY not Filipino Tourists in UAE
Requirements of a tourist, single-entry visa:
  1. Philippine Passport
  2. Photocopy of the passport with UAE residence visa
  3. Visa Application Form
  4. Photo (1 recent photo taken within 6 months with white background)
  5. CONFIRMED flight ticket
  6. CONFIRMED accomodation (I suggest you get from Booking since they don’t accept from Airbnb)
  7. Travel Itinerary
  8. Certificate of Employment
  9. Bank Statement (latest three months)
After four working days, VOILA, visa will be released.
It is impossible for your visa not to be granted if you just follow these steps. And to tell you, Embassy of Japan in Abu Dhabi isn’t as strict as the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. For the budget travellers, book the free cancellation option in Booking and when you have your visa find a place in Airbnb instead.
The embassy is located next to the Embassy of China along the highway. It is better for you to walk than to ride since the place is often overlooked. Anyway, the application for the visa is FREE!
TEL: (971-2) 4435696
FAX: (971-2) 4434219

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