The less than 200 AED Bride

I know I am not qualified to be a fashion blogger. One of the reason is the limitation of self-promoting. What’s the use of being of a blogger if I wouldn’t take the step of shameless self-promotion?
I’d like to share to you my look during my “civil/embassy” wedding almost a month ago. As frugal as I can be, I remembered my mom always telling me I hold on to my money as tight as walis ting-ting. Maybe mothers knows us better.


Dress – 69 AED, from Brands For Less (white inner from Max for 12 AED)
Hair – 40AED, blow-dry in salon (which I should’ve invested on a blowdryer instead)
Nails – 35AED, done in the salon (quick dryers suck! this lasted in a week. again, I should’ve done it myself)
Make up – FREE, signature deep red maroonish lipstick and on fleek eyebrows (did this on taxi)
Flowers – FREE, gift from my two CG-mates
Shoes – FREE, something borrowed

Transportation – 20AED

Click for the full look

If only I bought the essentials earlier, I would have saved half the price. I am sharing you a breakdown of our expenses because we can find ways to not spend at all. You can choose to be wise before the marriage because when the bills are piling up, it is still you will be the one facing the credits.

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