How a Filipino can apply for marriage in UAE

I’ll be specifically focusing on the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The basic requirements (each person):

  • DFA Authenticated NSO CENOMAR
  • 2 Passport Copies
  • 2 Passport Size Photos (35mm x 45mm)

Special Power of Attorney is a document which authorizes a person to process specified transactions on your behalf. If you can get the SPA “under the table” in the Philippines, it’s still a privilege to spend less. However, traveling back and forth to process costs more.
For the SPA Application:

  1. Go to Philippine Embassy located near Mushrif Mall.
  2. Come first thing in the morning (before 8’o clock).
  3. Ask for a priority number and SPA form in the information window (You can ask a maximum of three forms).
  4. Fill in the form. You will be asked to have two random witnesses to sign the form.
  5. Pay the regular fee which is 100 AED released within five working days or 140 AED for rush in three working days.
  6. In claiming, personal appearance is a must, or a written AND signed authorization letter is required. Specified timings around 3-5PM only.
You can inquire to DFA Authentication Express for the procedure and payments. The documents arrived at UAE in less than two weeks which they informed us to wait a total of 22 working days. For the amount we paid, the service and efficiency delivered were a lot cheaper than the slow process in the Philippines.

When all of the requirements are ready (including the certificate for marriage counseling),

  1. Filing of marriage will be on 8AM-12NN only.
  2. Go to the information window for the checklist document and priority number.
  3. Pay 100 AED for the joint affidavit of the two witnesses and 100 AED for the marriage license.
  4. The application will be posted in the embassy as marriage banns for 15 working days.
  5. After the posting of marriage banns, return to the embassy to schedule for solemnization of marriage which costs 240 AED.
  6. The day before the marriage, you will be asked to return to the embassy to check if there is any lack of information or misspelling.
  7. Prepare for the next day’s big day.
If you think you are about to move in the next chapter of life, this whole process costs 1357 AED.

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